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Biodegradable innovation is a vital pillar of sustainability. Unlike traditional materials that linger as pollutants, biodegradables naturally break down, fostering a healthier bond with nature.
This significance shines even brighter in a circular economy, where these materials align with resource efficiency. Embracing biodegradables minimizes waste, curtails resource consumption, and nurtures a harmonious coexistence between human needs and the environment.
In this changing landscape, biodegradable breakthroughs guide us towards a future where products harmoniously blend with natural cycles, creating a symbiotic world.

Where creativity meets science

“By Aligning the duration of an object’s existence with the duration of its actual usage, we can reduce the amount of waste generated.”

Lisanne Peters
Founder of symbiomatter


Symbiomatter pioneers the creation, sharing of knowledge, and offers firsthand encounters with innovative biodegradable materials.


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