From lab to earth

In the lab, I invent biodegradable materials that bridge innovation and sustainability. These materials evolve from the lab bench to practical products, serving human needs while treading lightly on the Earth. As their purpose is fulfilled, their biodegradable essence allows them to seamlessly return to the environment.

Our sustainable alternative to plastic foam

Symbiomatter is an innovative startup dedicated to creating biodegradable and flexible foam as a sustainable alternative to the plastic variants. Our mission is to align the lifespan of materials with their actual usage, fostering a more symbiotic and environmentally-conscious future.

Scientist meets Designer

A necessity arises for a collaborative approach that involves experts from various fields, particularly scientists and designers. It's about using your brain and your hands to come up with smart solutions.

Existence Equals Use

The demand for biodegradable materials is evident. While recycling plays a role, Symbiomatter recognizes the pressing need for innovation at the source of the issue. Our mission is to create materials that match the lifespan of the products they're used in.

Stimulate knowledge

To help biodegradable materials knowledge grow, we need to share it with those working to make the world more sustainable.

A regenerative material derived from a discarded resource stream

At SymbioMatter, we highly value residual streams and transform them into premium materials.

Our foam is meticulously crafted in bespoke molds, ensuring a consistently high quality. We tailor our products to meet your preferences, offering customization options such as thickness, flexibility, color, and finishing.

Local and Scalable

Our biotechnology process allows for industrial production in bulk quantities to meet your growing demand.