De innovatiefste student van het jaar

Musis Velperbinnensingel 15, Arnhem, Netherlands

INNOVATE, in collaboration with Quest, is once again in 2023 on the hunt for the Most Innovative Student of the Netherlands. It's a competition where students from various schools and universities across the country submit initiatives aimed at making the world a better place. Eight finalists will undergo a bootcamp with training from experts, and …

Innovate Experience

Musis Velperbinnensingel 15, Arnhem, Netherlands

The Innovate Experience 2023 is free and open to anyone who wants to know what the world of tomorrow looks like. At the exhibition, you can freely view and try out the latest innovations. Artists, scientists, and technicians showcase their very latest creations here. Get acquainted with the future and the innovators working on it. …

Dirk Zeldenrust Duurzaamheidsprijs

Stadhuis anrhem Koningsstraat 38, Arnhem, Netherlands

The Dirk Zeldenrust Sustainability Prize is an award for sustainable innovations and initiatives in Arnhem. The Dirk's Club presents this award annually to an individual or organization that, like Dirk, believes that a better world cannot wait. The goal of the prize is to encourage sustainable activities and projects in Arnhem.