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At SymbioMatter, we are transforming the world of materials with our innovative product: SymbioFoam. As a pioneering startup, our mission is to provide a sustainable and healthier alternative to traditional fossil-based materials. SymbioFoam embodies our commitment to eco-friendly innovation, designed to be both compostable and flexible, perfectly aligning with the lifespan of its intended use.

SymbioFoam stands out because we create flexible foam without the harmful effects of releasing toxic gases, microplastics, or generating waste. Made entirely from plant-based ingredients sourced from food industry waste streams, SymbioFoam is not only compostable but also underscores our dedication to reducing environmental impact and promoting health.


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“By Aligning the duration of an object’s existence with the duration of its actual usage, we can reduce the amount of waste generated.”

Lisanne Peters
Founder of symbiomatter


As we introduce a new material to the market, it’s crucial to disseminate fresh insights. Consequently, SymbioMatter is proactively disseminating knowledge through the publication of a book, online sharing, and delivering talks.


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