The Biomaterial Guide

Over the last ten years there has been an increasing demand for a material transition in products due to the global issues such as the decline of resources, the rising CO2 emissions and the vastly growing landfills. 

With a shift in consumer behavior, from buying the first thing that is accessible to buying sustainable, even the most polluting brands are questioning how we may design for a more sustainable future. Material, being one of the first and most defining elements in the creation of a product, impacting design, sourcing and manufacturing, plays a key role in this sustainable future.

I am part of the movement that aims to share my experiences in material research to help the biomaterial development further. 

This book is full of tips and tricks to kickstart your biomaterial journey!

 Author: Lisanne Peters

What to look forward to: 

  • 240 pages
  • Interviews with sustainability advocates
  • A glimpse inside a biomaterial laboratory
  • Tips and tricks to initiate your own biomaterial project
  • Insights into the biomaterial production process
  • Information on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), testing, certificates, and more
  • Essays on biodegradable materials as soil enricher

To gain unique insiders on the world of biodegradable materials.

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SymbioMatter: The Biomaterial Guide

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